About Us

In the year 2012, an initiative was started by Center for Accounting Student Union (CAS SU) Ministry where students who were ahead with their studies were requested to help those who were struggling with their studies. Our rector, Mr. Mokete, volunteered to help those who were struggling with Cost and Management Accounting ACCA Papers with revision as well as exam re-sits for those who did not perform well in their exams and continued to help them until his exit at CAS in June 2014. In an effort to continue assisting students who were not doing very well in Cost and Management Accounting, our rector rented classes at St. James Anglican Primary School and established a school, Costing Made Easy (CME) Tutoring. CME was offering only Costing Papers until the rector realized that all other papers needed the same attention from students as Costing does. The rector could not do all this other ACCA papers alone so he initially invited the Deputy Rector, Mr Moea, to work with him and later, with the deputy rector, they assembled the great lecturing which we now have and are proud of (view lecture team profiles). At Sky Blue, quality delivery of lectures is our priority and this is reflected in everything that we do including our recruitment strategies, internal processes and lecture delivery style. It is worth noting that the name Sky Blue Academy, was born out of one Mr Marake, our student, who felt passion in what we are doing and described Sky Blue as thus, At Sky Blue, we bring light to your ACCA studies such that you shine in your Exams like the sun when the Sky is Blue! And this is what we promise at Sky Blue, light in your studies!! .


Our Lecturing Team

With this team, we are confident that indeed Sky Blue will bring light to your ACCA studies such that you shine in your exams like the sun when the sky is blue.

Mr. Lethola Mokete(CA-L):

Founder and Rector of Sky blue academy.

He is an all rounder driven by a desire to break the odds and achieve what is seemingly impossible in all that he does. With this drive, he managed to scoop various excellence awards during his academic journey notably, Two Top Ten awards in highschool and four Awards during his tertiary studies at Center for Accounting Studies (CAS). He is currently pursuing a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Charter) qualification and has already passed CFA Level 1 examination.

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Mr. Thabang Matele:

An ambitious lad who has developed a mature and responsible approach

to any task that he undertakes; a real problem solver.He has a quest for education & is forever learning, he enjoys overcoming challenges and has a genuine interest coupled with remarkable capabilities in the field of Information and Communication Technology. He has strong technical skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills gained through experience. He also has ability to inspire others to achieve what they consider far beyond their imaginations.

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Mr. Sello Mosounyane:

He is a gentleman who does everything he does to the fullest.

A selfless accountant who is always actively searching for ways to help those in need, is entertained by challenges and is a good team player in creating models and solving problems.Of all the courses he has done, he finds real joy in doing Costing and Perfomance Management among other subjects.

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Mr. Mona Mphetole:

A hard working fellow with a burning desire to get best results at all times.

His technical & analytical skills are out of this world. The greatest assets he possesses are his extra ordinary teaching abilities and a rare ability to bring into Accounting education context, the knowledge and skills acquired seemingly unrelated fields

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Mr Napo Sehloho

Is a lecture, Mentor and Motivational speaker with good,  leardership,

explanation, innovation and communication skills. He completed his CAS studies in march 2017 and is currently employed at Econet Telecom Lesotho( ETL) and Sky Blue Academy. The two companies contributed to his wide experience in Financial Reporting and Lecturing ACCA subjects. One can describe him as a man who is inspired to bring out the best in everyone he engages with. Here is his favourite saying; “All men have potential to acheive their dreams, but only a few are prepared to put in the necessary work to them”

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Miss. Mamolelekoa Nchefo

She is a highly motivated and enthusiastic maiden with good

knowledge of Accounting and Management principles. She is futher a confident pressure absorbent lady with good intra and interpersonal skills. She posseses first-class communication and organizational skills and has the will and determination needed to make it big herself in this life and inspire others to do the same.

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Miss. ‘Maleetoane Moerane

Is an admitted Advocate of the courts of lesotho and currently a trainee at

the Trial Advocacy Training team that is lead by esteemed legal practitioners and Honourable Judges. She has been endowed with an award for Excellence in Human rights and Humanities Law by the Lieutenant General Maaparankoe Mahao Peace and Justice Foundation; having graduated amongst the top ten best students in Bachelor of Law class of 2017 at the National University of Lesotho. Currently she is involved in litigation of cases in their myriad forms and offers legal advice to business entities and individuals. She holds the office of part-tine lecturer at SkyBlue Accademy, Lecturing Corporate and Business Law(LW). Miss Moerane believes in dedicating herself to serving people and advocating for social justice as the key underpinnings for a society that has equal rights and equality of opportunities for all.

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