• Certified Accounting Technician- CAT
  • General Accounting- GA
  • Chartered Accounting- CA


This qualification runs for One year Six months and covers the following papers:

  • Recording Financial Transactions (FA1),
  • Management Information (MA1),
  • Managing Financial Records (FA2),
  • Managing costs And Finances (MA2)
  • Accounting In Business (FAB)
  • Foundations in Financial Accounting (FFA),
  • Foundations in Management Accounting (FMA),
  • Foundations In Taxation (FTX),
  • Foundations In Audit (FAU)

Additional compulsory additional certificates done with CAT

  • PASTEL Accounting Software
  • Advanced Spreadsheet (Ms Excel)
  • Presentation (Ms Power Point)

Admission requirements

  • COSC /LGCSE/Matric with a pass in any four subjects including Mathematics and English.
  • A pass from our bridging course with Any COSC/LGCSE results
  • Diploma / Certificate/ Degree from Any Recognized Institution

Career opportunities for a Certified Accountant Technician Graduate

  • Junior External / Internal Auditor, Junior Risk officer
  • Taxation officer, Tax consultant,
  • Small Accounting firm owner
  • Junior Accountant, Accounts clerk, debtors/ creditors clerk
  • Bank Teller
  • Fixed Assets Manager
  • Inventory Controller
  • Payroll Accountant, E.T.C

1. Knowledge Module (KM) –This module runs for six months and acts as a bridging course into General accounting for people with accounting related experience and or qualifications including diploma and degree. It introduces you to the main areas of financial and management accounting. It covers the following papers:

  • Foundations in Financial Accounting (FFA/FA),
  • Foundations in Accountant in Business (FAB/AB)
  • Foundations in Management Accounting (FMA/MA),

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor degree (Any Degree)
  • Diploma (any field)
  • A level School certificate – Pass in Mathematics and English plus 2 other subjects plus 3 years work experience in accounting role
  • COSC – pass in Mathematics and English plus 4 other subjects plus 3 years work experience in accounting role.

2. Skills Module 1 (SM1)This module runs for six months and covers the following papers:

  • Corporate and Business Law (F4/LW),
  • Performance Management (F5/PM),
  • Lesotho Taxation (F6/TX)

Admission requirements

  • CAT Certificate
  • Pass Knowledge Module
  • Bachelors’ degree (Accounting major)

3. Skills Module 2 (SM2)-This module runs for six months and covers the following papers:

  • Financial Reporting (F7/FR),
  • Audit and Assurance (F8/AA),
  • Financial Management (F9/FM)

Admission requirements

  • Pass LW, PM & TX plus meet SM1 requirements

Career opportunities for a General Accountant Graduate

  • Branch Manager
  • Credit Controller
  • Finance Manager
  • Payroll Accountant
  • Procurement Manager
  • Manager / Senior accountant
  • Tax consultant
  • Financial adviser
  • Store manager ETC


1. Essentials Module (EM): This module runs for six months and covers the following papers:

  • Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
  • Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

Admission requirements Pass Skills Module

2. Options Module:

This module runs for six months and covers the following papers: (A choice of any two options from the following)

  • Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
  • Advanced Performance Management (APM)
  • Advance Audit and Assurance (AAA)

Admission requirements Pass Essentials Module

Career opportunities for a Chartered Accountant Graduate

  • Company Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Department Manager
  • Financial adviser
  • Investment analyst
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Project manager
  • Stock Market
  • Broker Chief Internal
  • Auditor Audit Partner ETC

This course is tailor made by Sky Blue Academy for students who did not do well in their High School exams but who have passion for accounting. It is also for students who have completed their studies a few years ago in fields related or not related to accounting who wants to get their minds ready for ACCA papers before committing themselves to ACCA Exams only to find that they should have gotten their minds ready first.
This course is based on LGCSE syllabus and covers mathematics, accounting and motivational sessions. This is essential to students as it helps prepare their minds for demanding ACCA papers.

Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA)
Lesotho Institude of accountants (LIA)